About Us

Our company stems from people with many years of experience in most facets of the complex world of importing and indeed exporting goods to and from Australia.

The staff have the experience stemming from running a business, to being involved in all modes of Freight Forwarding, Project work, Customs and Quarantine Clearances, Consultancy, Training...... just to name a few.

What drives us

Our   business philosophy is to provide a high quality confidential service, so as to give to you the client, additional products, a helping hand and where necessary,   the time to  run the business and not work in it. Knowing that a reliable service is being achieved to your work ethic.


Paul O'Donoghue   the CEO of our company has been in the business for more years than he wishes to admit. Stemming from being a "runner" to being a business proprietor for 35 years.

Pauls philosophy is to make   the work   " personal ".

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